What is hypnotherapy?


Hypnotherapy is a powerful, effective, and gentle tool that can help you to access your subconscious mind. Using hypnosis can help you to manage stress and anxiety, improve your confidence, deal with relationship issues, and far more. 

Do you find yourself repeating the same behaviour, although you’ve promised yourself that next time you’ll do something else entirely? Perhaps you feel consumed by anxiety, stress, or fear in situations that you “should” be able to handle? If this is the case, you are in good company. After all, changing your behaviour without help can be difficult. 

So, can hypnotherapy can help you?


Hypnosis can help to access your subconscious mind. That powerful, creative, and just out-of-reach part which accounts for 95% of human behaviour. So, working with a certified hypnotherapist can be a gentle and effective way of overcoming the issues you are ready to leave behind. I provide a safe, confidential and welcoming space so that you can explore without fear of judgement.


During a hypnotherapy session, you will be guided into a state of deep focus. In this state, your subconscious mind is more freely accessible and ready to accept beneficial suggestions. Generally, people find hypnosis deeply relaxing, however being relaxed is not necessary for a successful session. Some people find a hypnotic state to be similar to meditation. However, it is generally much quicker to enter this state as you are guided by the hypnotherapist’s voice.

Hypnotherapy can help with a wide variety of concerns, especially behavioural and emotional issues. However, it does require a level of motivation to achieve your goals. This means hypnotherapy is most successful for clients who are ready to commit to making a change.

Undergoing hypnotherapy is an opportunity for self-discovery and growth, and this can feel like a big step to take. So, I offer all clients a 15 minute consultation call so that you can explore whether hypnotherapy is right for you.

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This is a common concern! However, you will never lose control under hypnosis. This is because a hypnotherapy session is far different than a stage hypnosis show, and you will be able to bring your awareness back to the present at any time you want to.

I adhere to the National Society of Talking Therapy’s Code of Ethics, which prohibits the use of stage hypnosis. This is because it is in opposition to so many requirements of ethical practice. 

My hypnotherapy sessions are focused on helping you lose unnecessary fears and blocks, and regain control of the areas of your life that you choose to. With this in mind, the work takes place entirely at your pace so that you feel comfortable and in-control at all times. Some people find they meet resistance when working with certain issues, and this is something we can explore together.

Making the decision to undertake therapy of any kind can bring up a number of emotions. For some people it’s scary, sometimes exciting, and often it can bring up a mixture of emotions. I appreciate that undertaking therapy can feel like a big step into the unknown. Keeping this in mind, it’s really important that, as well as finding a qualified therapist, you choose to work with somebody you feel comfortable with and trust.

I strongly recommend researching and speaking with a few different therapists ahead of starting work with anyone so that you can decide who you feel most comfortable with. To book a 15 minute consultation call with me, please get in touch.

As well as being qualified and insured, you can be confident that I will only work with you if I believe your concern to be an area I am able to work with. If your enquiry is beyond my knowledge and training, or in an area I am unable to work with, I will always be honest about this and where relevant point you in the direction of other therapists who may be better suited.

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Anna Vahrman, Hypnotherapist, west Dorset

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